Smoked Salmon, Leek & Potato Pancake

Smoked Salmon, Leek & Potato Pancake

Smoked Salmon, Leek and Potato Pancake - Saltwater

Makes 4

150g Plain flour
150ml Milk
3 Eggs, beaten
3 tbsp Chives, chopped

150g Smoked salmon, shredded
1 Leek, finely sliced
4 Waxy potatoes, peeled, cooked & diced
75ml Dry white wine
200ml Double cream
2 Egg yolks
Juice of half a lemon

50g Breadcrumbs, toasted
3 tbsp Parsley, chopped

Additional Ingredients
20g Butter
4 tbsp Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper


– Mix together the ingredients for the pancake batter & season with salt & pepper.
– Cook the 4 pancakes, using 1 tbsp of vegetable oil for each pancake. Set aside & keep warm.
– In a pan, heat the butter before adding the leeks & a pinch of salt. Sweat for 2 ½ minutes.
– Add the white wine & reduce until syrupy.
– Add the potatoes & double cream & reduce by half.
– Remove the pan from the heat & stir in the smoked salmon, egg yolks & lemon juice.
– On to each pancake – spoon 2/3 of the hot filling before folding each pancake in half.
– Spoon the final 1/3 of the mixture on to the top of each pancake.
– Place all 4 pancakes under a hot grill before sprinkling them with breadcrumbs & parsley.

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